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NEW-First on the web “Do It Yourself” Kits

This site was developed just for you, to address the need and demand of custom designs for your business. Most business have a need for small custom runs and you typically need them rush. We offer you quantities as low as 12 and a 48 RUSH service if you need it. We are also the first company on the web to offer you Rhinestone Templates where you can order your custom design. We ship you the raw materials, transfer paper and template along with a DVD on how to make it yourself and you save $$$$$.

We are able to take your design in what ever stage it’s in and turn it into a stunning Rhinestone, Nailhead or Rhinestud design in a matter of hours, typically we quote the same day and can ship within 24 hours or less on demand (RUSH ORDER).

Depending on your order size you can usually have it shipped within 72 hours or less. Your design can be in production the same day you approve your artwork. The only time this is not the case is when your order requires specialized or rare color choices that need to be custom ordered. Our specialty is Machine Cut Crystals that offer you 80% of the sparkle of Swarovski at half the cost and just the same longevity on your garments!

Currently the fashion trend is to use predominantly clear crystals with the odd single color accents. This represents about 80% of our client’s choices.

Before we can quote you on the phone or by email you will need to submit your art work with some specific information to us. Let us know if you need us to apply them on your garments, if you need us to provide you with garments or if you just need the transfers. We are also happy to drop ship your goods directly to your customers.

Please download this PSF cover page use this cover page to submit your artwork by fax or submit it online.
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