DIY “Do It Yourself” Kits

Save on labor costs ... DIY!

This is a first on the web! We now offer you all the same features as a regular contractor with one major advantage, you can save the labor costs and make the designs yourself.

Because we are using the world famous Crystal CAD design we are able to create your design quickly and effectively, typically faster and cheaper than others using CAD software or Corel or Adobe that takes forever, if we save time and money we can pass it along!

We simply charge you the regular setup (20 minutes of design time is included in the setup) and instead of making your design with the robot we output it to our Permaboss Motif Maker which creates template.

Template Cutter

Make your own designs at home…

This machine creates the template you need to be able to make your own designs.

Here you can see the template of the Lincoln logo and the Mitsubishi logos being cut out.

We now use a special oil board that makes it easier to remove the transfer paper after placing it on top to collect the stone design.

We recommend this technique for those of you who want to start and get into the business without the risk of purchasing the equipment or for those of you who can’t afford the equipment but want to get started somehow.

Also to keep things simple for us we only sell this for two element designs (two colors or two sized crystals or any combination not exceeding two) it works for more but we don’t want to create too much competition for ourselves so we decided to limit it.

What do I get?

We will ship this to you along with the materials you need plus an additional 25% of stones and the required quantity of transfer paper. (Why 25% more stones, this is so that the process works easily, if we sent you the exact number of stones you needed you would not be able to do it quickly.

How easy it is to do?

All you need to do is to dump the stones into your Tupperware container and shake. Take a look at this video to see how easy it is!  (It’s best to get a new one at the dollar store that fits your template well)

How do I get started?

Send us your art!

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